We’re launching in the US!

Oct 2018


We’re delighted to announce that we’re launching in the US and setting up a New York office. We’ve seen a growing demand for FinTech, EdTech and AI-powered companies in North America, driven by the powerful impact that they can have on both businesses and the general public alike.

We’ll be continuing our model of sustainably and successfully scaling high-growth digital ventures by providing talented entrepreneurs the support and financial backing they need to kickstart their company’s growth. With plenty of exciting ventures under our wing, our focus is to alleviate the stresses and strains that a growing company often suffers from: letting them fully concentrate on building disruptive products and services that can genuinely transform industries.

The UK has led the way in FinTech investment, with over $15 billion raised in the first half of 20181. Entry into the rapidly-growing FinTech market in the US will offer the companies more room to grow and a larger pool of customers to do business with.

In the FinTech space, both Salary Finance and Liberis will now be entering the US market.

Dan Cobley, our FinTech Managing Partner commented, “The UK is established as a world-leader in FinTech and the time is ripe for the talent and technology within these companies to make their move in the US market. There is huge demand for the products they’ve developed, and New York is the perfect launchpad for making new connections with potential customers.”

We’ve also identified massive potential for our EdTech companies to help businesses develop the skills they need to keep pace with change, in what is a nascent marketplace with a large number of organisations and independent learners. This comes at a time when the global training market is estimated to be worth over $360 billion.

With this in mind, Hive Learning and AVADO Learning, two of our exciting EdTech ventures, will also be launching in the US.

Charles Mindenhall, our Co-Founder, says “We’re very proud of what these companies have achieved in the UK with the technological solutions they’ve brought to market. As the pace of change in business continues to accelerate as a result of these advancements in tech, it’s vital that everyone in the workforce has access to the training they need to move forward in their careers. Our EdTech companies have been playing their part in making this possible and they can have an even bigger impact in the US.”

Finally, we’ve seen a real gap in the North American market for three of our other ventures.

  • Contentive aims to bring its considerable expertise in connecting buyers and sellers in B2B markets to the US.
  • Fospha, a data science venture, will continue its work with machine learning and data analytics to provide disruptive technological solutions across a variety of industries.
  • Instrumental is an exciting company which is revolutionising the music talent scouting process with its innovative AI platform.

Lee Arthur, General Manager of Blenheim Chalcot North America, said: “The AI and machine-learning products developed by companies within our portfolio have been of great benefit to others as a result of the collaboration that we’ve fostered amongst them. It’s been so exciting to see the businesses working together and today represents a major milestone for all of us as we take these technologies to market in the US.”

Best of luck to all these ventures – we’re sure they’ll continue to impress us with rapid growth in the US market!

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