What is a venture builder?

Blenheim Chalcot is a leading global venture builder. We build product-led digital businesses which transform industries. We are primarily focused on enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) products, powered by Generative AI.

We target industries which are exposed to market, regulatory or technology discontinuity and have predominantly built businesses across: 

  • FinTech, with an emphasis on payments and lending 
  • EdTech, including corporate L&D and regulated assessment 
  • Media and marketing, including Sports and Music
  • Public Services and Healthtech 


Over the last 25 years, we have built over 60 businesses. The Blenheim Chalcot portfolio currently comprises 30 businesses, ranging from early-stage start-ups to mature market leaders.  

Blenheim Chalcot has three global hubs. Portfolio companies are headquartered from our innovation ecosystem at Scale Space in London. Our Mumbai campuses provide unparalleled scaling capability and technical expertise. And our US operation powers Go-To-Market across North America.  


From the ground up 

As a venture builder, Blenheim Chalcot builds businesses from the ground up. This means we identify new market opportunities in our specific areas of domain expertise, assemble outstanding leadership teams, and deliver ‘hands on’ services from conception to scale, maturity and exit.  This differs significantly from the traditional venture capital model in which investors typically distribute capital to founding teams and expect one in ten investments to be successful. Through our venture building model, Blenheim Chalcot gives its ventures an unfair advantage.  

Hands-on support and services 

Venture Building Services delivered from Blenheim Chalcot’s global hubs span all critical aspects of business operations including: technology, legal, tax, investment, finance, marketing, talent, HR, L&D, and property. These services free up leadership teams to focus on what is truly unique to them: their market, their customers, and their products. This approach dramatically improves the speed at which ventures can build a valuable product and successfully take it to market.  

Commercial model incentivising sustained success 

Blenheim Chalcot takes a majority stake in all of its businesses, from the outset. This allows businesses to stay nimble, unencumbered by board bureaucracy. Ventures can continuously refine their approach to ensure their products are truly addressing customer needs. And all parties are materially incentivised by long-term success.  

How we do it?

Our approach

We’re run by entrepreneurs.
Our Co-Founders are, first and foremost, entrepreneurs. Since 1998, they have built more than 60 businesses across a range of markets and remain deeply involved with every venture at every stage. Outside the boardroom they share their experience, personal support, and global networks.  

We create the right environment for growth
Our ventures and teams are co-located at Scale Space in London and at our Mumbai offices. These shared spaces are designed to fuel collaboration and innovation, at pace. Knowledge, networks and experience are continuously shared, with all the necessary support under one roof. 

We invest in talent
Realising the potential of a business starts with seeing the potential in people. We develop talent by matching the right people with the right ventures and giving them the freedom to succeed. We also invest deeply in learning and development, powered by our training company RedTeam. Learn more about our career programmes, including the Graduate, Pioneer and Portfolio Impact Manager opportunities. 

We are disciplined about entrepreneurship 

Through our Emerging Venture Opportunity (EVO) programme we systematically progress great ideas into products which customers love. And we are rigorous about innovation, ensuring our ventures can capitalize on the latest insights from the Blenheim Chalcot Centre for GenAI Innovation and our Research & Development activity in Mumbai. 

We are patient
When we believe in an idea, a business or a person, we persevere, going through as many iterations as needed to identify how it will fulfil its potential. We don’t have ‘fund schedules’ so we’ll keep our money invested and keep investing our money, as long as it takes. 

Blenheim Chalcot Leadership