Train innovators to create & scale unique products and companies.

Origins of RedTeam

In a world of relentless change, RedTeam equips leaders to build organizational capability so that they can harness challenges and turn potential threats into opportunities. With RedTeam, businesses don’t merely withstand adversity; they thrive, becoming stronger in the face of it.

Inspired by military tradition in which specialised teams act as adversaries in mock battles to expose weaknesses and help refine strategy. RedTeam has adopted the same ethos when assessing business vulnerabilities and training leaders in strategic and operational excellence. In this way, we equip leaders with skills and tools to navigate fiercely competitive environments.

Rooted in a Blenheim Chalcot’s two-decade history of industry-transforming ventures, RedTeam emerged from the strategic foresight of co-founders Manoj and Charles. RedTeam was launched in 2021, scaling the essence of BC Build (BC’s high-potential talent development programme) to benefit the entire Blenheim Chalcot portfolio through streamlined business innovation training.

Committed to continuous training and collective success, RedTeam stands for fortifying businesses against fragility amidst uncertainty and rapid transformations.

Programmes and Certifications

  • Open Sprints & Bootcamp

    Open Sprints are live training programmes comprised of 6 sessions. Led by experienced trainers, each cohort brings together individuals from across the BC portfolio.

  • Train the Trainer

    An intense, 1-day Bootcamp designed to transform participants into RedTeam certified trainers and master the art of delivering impactful sessions in guiding others through venture development and scaling strategies.

  • BC Build

    Build is six-month programme designed to develop high potentials and emerging leaders within the portfolio. Participants engage in in-person training, mentorship, and a final Venture Build Challenge, where they pitch their own business idea to company leaders.

  • Adventurers

    A 12-month certification for recent graduates in RedTeam training modules, enhancing business-building capabilities with a final presentation of a pivotal project they've driven for portfolio companies

  • Pioneers

    A 12-month certification for individuals with 2-5 years of experience, offering intensive training in operational proficiency, project management, and business-building capabilities.

  • CEO Boost

    Boost brings together CEOs from across the portfolio to engage with the latest insights on priority topics and share their own thinking and experiences.

  • BC GO

    A 3-day bootcamp for all new BC team members providing intensive training on BC fundamentals and transformative technologies, empowering participants to operate efficiently and effectively, and drive business growth.

  • Enterprise Programmes

    RedTeam also provides customised training programs, available either virtually or through in-person Bootcamps. Contact moneli.samarakkodi
    for more details.


RedTeam’s curriculum is founded on deep knowledge and frontline experience. Aligned with BC’s core values—curiosity, nimbleness, generosity, diversity, and embracing data—the organization shares the fabric of successful organizations. RedTeam develops skills across seven disciplines: communication, leadership, vision, strategy, execution, innovation, and culture. The pedagogy emphasizes the importance of understanding the “why” behind work, the “what” of specific business contexts, and the “how” of executing concepts in the real world. We believe learning is a social endeavor; we learn better with our colleagues who may be facing similar challenges, because everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

What our learners say

As I work across four different ventures, I have a lot of conflicting deadlines and responsibilities that I need to deliver to stakeholders who don't always know that I work in other ventures and what my capacity is. As a result, the sessions which have been most useful and applicable are those on negotiation and communication, as I have to negotiate and master my communication skills to be able to provide a deadline that meets my overall personal agenda.

— Valentina Dalpozzo​

From a content perspective, I think the training sessions are really geared towards what helps us to develop in our role, as we have sessions that are more tailored to a specific function, but then we also have higher-level sessions where we learn about things such as, ‘how to use your creativity to come up with innovative ideas'.

— Leah Rosendahl ​

I think Red Team training has helped me personally because these sessions have allowed me get to know more people and understand their ideas and their way of working, which is always interesting.

— Irene Grazioso​

I think Red Team training sessions are great, and I think that the content is super interesting. 

— John Mumby​

I think the real benefits of the Red Team sessions over more traditional L&D is that they not only get you in the room with subject matter experts to talk and give their perspectives on areas that might be of interest, but they also provide you with the opportunity to discuss with your peers and with the learning facilitator why you think it's a valuable session.

— Max Kingdon​

In terms of my role, the trainings have been particularly beneficial in teaching effective client communication, such as the pyramid principle, which is all about structuring emails and messages. These are simple yet essential skills that are not often taught in university, making them incredibly valuable.

— Katelyn Fyvie​

I think the Red Team trainings are great because they allow you to get to know other people more than anything, so that was a great by-product of the sessions.

— Penelope Ceillier​

RedTeam partners with forward-skilling, market leaders operating with workforce agility.