What is RedTeam?

RedTeam equips Blenheim Chalcot and its portfolio companies with the skills and capability to build profitable, product-led businesses which transform industries.  

Throughout Blenheim Chalcot’s 25 year history we have had a strong commitment to Systematically capturing insights from our frontline experience, and delivering training programmes which supercharge the development of high-potential talent. Since 2021, RedTeam has scaled this model, delivering best in class learning and development to the entire Blenheim Chalcot portfolio. 

Learning programmes

  • Open Bootcamps

    Open Sprints are live training programmes comprised of 6 sessions. Led by experienced trainers, each cohort brings together individuals from across the BC portfolio.

  • Train the Trainer

    An intense, 1-day Bootcamp designed to transform participants into RedTeam certified trainers who can design, build and deliver impactful sessions. This is integral to our reciprocal network of training and learning.

  • BC Build

    Build is six-month programme designed to develop high potentials and emerging leaders within the portfolio. Participants engage in in-person training, mentorship, and a final Venture Build Challenge, where they pitch their own business idea to company leaders.

  • Adventurers

    A 12-month certification for recent graduates in focused on foundational business building skills. The programme culminates in individual showcases of project work that have delivered deep value to a portfolio company.

  • Pioneers

    A 12-month certification for individuals with 2-5 years of experience, offering intensive training in operational excellence and entry-level management.

  • CEO Boost

    Boost brings together CEOs from across the portfolio to engage with the latest insights on priority topics and share their own thinking and experiences.

  • BC GO

    A 3-day bootcamp for all new BC team members providing intensive training on BC fundamentals and transformative technologies, empowering participants to operate efficiently and effectively from the outset.

  • Enterprise Programmes

    RedTeam also provides customised training programs to address specific and urgent portfolio company needs.

The science of learning

RedTeam’s proprietary curriculum is tightly aligned with Blenheim Chalcot’s Career Development Framework (CDF), which details the competencies required to build successful businesses. In this vein, the RedTeam curriculum has a strong emphasis on: strategic and operational excellence; achieving product market fit; communication and leadership; and scaling up. RedTeam also delivers functionally-specific, technical training with an emphasis on harnessing cutting-edge technologies.  

We believe that learning is a social endeavor. We learn better with our colleagues who may be facing similar challenges, because everyone has both something to teach, and something to learn. For this reason, we invest heavily in the power of synchronous, in-person learning experiences. In parallel, RedTeam pioneers GenAI powered solutions to deliver personalised learning in the flow of work, to all of its learners, at the point of need.