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Netdecisions was founded in 1998 by Charles Mindenhall and Manoj Badale.

Initially, the corporate focus was on IT services to companies responding to the advent of the internet, and related technologies. Early clients included the BBC, Coca-Cola, Thomson Travel Group and the AA. The company also created an ‘investment arm’ and created some of the leading success stories, including, and

As the internet ‘boom’ subsided, the core Netdecisions IT services business broadened its focus into mainstream IT services, while the investment activities broadened beyond investments, encompassing technology and media. In 2004, the group was demerged, with the IT services business expanding to include outsourcing, driven by the growth in demand in the public sector. The company was renamed Agilisys, and now employs over 1300 people with a balanced split of activity between the public and private sector.


Netdecisions Investments has evolved into a dedicated ‘investment firm’ with further expansion of the investment portfolio. This firm has been named Blenheim Chalcot and operates a portfolio of investments across the technology, financial services and media sectors in both the UK and India.

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