CEO Myles Stephenson introduces you to Modulr

Our vision for Modulr – to stop payments being a barrier to business growth.

At Modulr, our vision is a world where all companies across the UK and Europe are powered by embedded payments.

Embedded payments is a new category which sees payments becoming an integral part of a business’s technology stack. By providing regulated and software-driven payment services, we help businesses to tackle the longstanding challenges they face with traditional payment methods, such as via a bank.

Gone are ‘business hours only’, ‘batch processes’ and ‘manual reconciliation’. This opens a world of real-time account provision, real time payments and instant actions, all delivered through API integrations. Through our embedded payments network and services, we enable hundreds of enterprise customers and thousands of SMEs to process and reconcile large amounts of payments automatically and in real time. Business in any sector, from investments and trading, to lenders, accountancy firms, travel operators, business marketplaces, property companies and car dealerships, can now unlock opportunity and drive new revenue streams, far higher efficiency, and smoother end-customer experiences.

Core to Modulr’s success is our robust platform, ability to operate at scale, and our multiple connections to payments schemes – including the UK’s Faster Payments Scheme and Europe’s SEPA Instant via the Bank of Lithuania. We’re also one of the few non-banks to have direct access to the Bank of England. This is all underpinned by our regulatory status as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority and in Europe by De Nederlandsche Bank. Today, Modulr handles over $100bn of annualised payment volume and the platform handles on average 30 API calls per second and has an uptime of 99.99%.

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