CEO Andrei Lebed introduces you to Koodoo

At Koodoo, we're reshaping the future of financial services. Our market-leading platform acts as a critical bridge, connecting aspiring homeowners with their perfect mortgage. We are also pioneers in the use of developing Generative AI to support various areas across the financial services industry such as mortgage application journeys.

We partner with leading UK lenders, renowned comparison brands, and premier FinTechs, empowering their mortgage verticals with our technology. Our groundbreaking achievement of creating the first AI model to pass the CeMAP exam highlights our commitment to innovation. This commitment continues as we lead in the development of cutting-edge AI tools in collaboration with major lenders, constantly pushing the boundaries to revolutionise the mortgage sector.

Koodoo also has its own in-house brokerage, who leverage Koodoo’s innovative AI tools to streamline the mortgage application journeys, offering caring and streamlined mortgage solutions to consumers.

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