Introducing you to Kloo

Kloo is an AI-powered Accounts Payable automation platform. Seamlessly integrated with your ERP, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and empowering greater financial control.

The Problem:

Finance teams face issues with manual data entry errors and inaccuracies, slowing down operations. Approval workflows can be complex and time-consuming. Lack of real-time visibility into accounts payable leads to late payment, straining supplier relationships and a lack of audit trail. This labour-intensive process hinders productivity, focusing efforts on administrative tasks rather than strategic activities.

The Solution:

Kloo complements a business’ ERP and bank account to make finance teams more efficient, reduce costs and increase control. Kloo’s Accounts Payable-as-a-Service proposition delivers AI-powered automation through four procurement to payment modules:

Purchase requests augmented with AI to deliver a great user experience alongside maximum financial context to approvers and the finance team.

Automated invoice management
Storage and data extraction from invoices with OCR and AI technology. Save time and increase accuracy with automated PO matching and customisable approvals engine.

Flexible payments
Kloo wallet and payment options offers an innovative approach to making and executing payment runs. Leverage the efficiency and fraud prevention benefits of open banking.

Modern procurement cards
Get control and real-time visibility of your card spend with virtual and physical Kloo cards combined with customisable workflows for approving and coding spend.

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