Fospha Marketing

CEO Sam Carter introduces you to Fospha Marketing

Fospha is the direct-to-consumer marketing intelligence platform.

Direct-to-consumer brands are working in an increasingly competitive space, driving high customer acquisition costs that are difficult to control through platform-owned tools like the Meta ads manager. Added to that, privacy changes like iOS 14 make it increasingly difficult to get any visibility at all into ad platform performance, so it’s harder than ever to justify marketing investment. Fospha’s independent measurement gives direct-to-consumer marketers the toolkit to understand and get a grip on their cost of acquiring customers, boost Customer Lifetime Value and achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

We’re simple and fast to work with, with a free trial that delivers results within 24 hours.

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Business Stats

  • NPS Score: 50 (Excellent)

  • G2 Crowd Rating: 4.8/5

  • 60+ customers with a strong focus on Direct-to-consumer brands

  • Customers include Huel, Sweaty Betty, Wild Cosmetics, CUUP and Octopus Energy.

Impact Stories


    “After our Series B investment, SPOKE was diversifying across a range of marketing channels both online and offline. Fospha helped us integrate our channel attribution data with the data we gathered directly from customers, producing the most sophisticated attribution model I’ve ever worked with. In particular, we were making big decisions about Above-The-Line channels for which this data was extremely helpful.” – Jake Higgins, VP Growth, SPOKE

  • Octopus Energy

    Fospha provide us with a view of our customers before they become customers. We have a rich existing customer dataset at Octopus Energy, however, the customer level journey data we receive from Fospha is an incredibly valuable source of intellectual property that allows us to interpret behaviour and marketing interaction before a customer signs up with us. – Max McShane, Head of Digital, Octopus Energy

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