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CEO Michael Curry introduces you to EnglishScore

EnglishScore is the global Test and Certificate of English for employment. More than two million people a year take EnglishScore, a mobile exam which is recognised by universities, employers, and governments around the world.

The four skills test assesses reading, listening, speaking and writing and uses AI including face-monitoring via the front-facing camera to deter cheating.

EnglishScore is a joint venture between Blenheim Chalcot and British Council, one of the world’s most recognised and respected names in English language teaching and assessment.

Some Business Stats

  • Over two million tests taken every year

  • Available in over 150 countries

Impact Stories

  • Ngozi A

    “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a certificate that is well recognised. It was not difficult accessing the test. I got my certificate immediately I completed the test.”

  • BK

    “It’s really amazing. It’s very, very helpful. It has a lot of educational value. It also increases my Confidence about English. Thanks, British Council (UK).”

  • Neeharika A

    “I got C1 for my first attempt! I’m very happy and satisfied with result and with the app itself. I’m planning to take 699 rs digital photo identity embedded certificate. highly recommended!”

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