CEO Lee Arthur introduces you to Contentive

Contentive is more than just a media company.

Over more than a decade, the business has managed several global publications that span across the accounting, corporate treasury and finance, fintech, HR and marketing industries. We empower professionals and organisations to navigate the ever-changing digital environment with relevant and up-to-date content.

Staying informed in today’s fast-paced world can be overwhelming. Today, Contentive leverages technology to curate and create insightful content across publications that grabs the attention of busy B2B leaders.

Our publications offer the perfect blend of industry news, expert analysis, and actionable insights – everything professionals need to excel in their roles.

Contentive also offers a powerful platform for suppliers seeking to reach these highly engaged communities. Our cost-effective, reliable, and scalable content marketing solutions help you gain visibility by putting your brand in front of the right audience.

We have fostered vibrant online communities within the FinTech, MartTech, and HRTech space. These communities are known for their exceptional level of engagement, valued by both professionals and suppliers alike.

By leveraging a unique combination of technology and data, we transform the collective knowledge of these communities into in-demand intelligence products – essential tools for success in today’s competitive business environment.

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Some Business Stats

  • Ownership of 8 leading media brands (Accountancy Age, Bobsguide, The CFO, ClickZ, The Global Treasurer, HRD Connect, Payment Eye and Search Engine Watch)

  • 3.7 million audience reach of B2B professionals

  • 362K Newsletter subscribers

Impact Stories

  • LIW

    LIW, the leading global leadership consultancy, wanted to network with HR leaders and decision-makers, as they were developing their business in the UK after having established a strong presence in Australia and the US. 
The HR Directors Summit, with nearly 1,000 HR directors in attendance over 2 days, introduced LIW to 40 new potential customers during the summit, as well as providing insights and learnings on the key themes affecting global HR leadership today.

  • Bancorp

    Bancorp wanted to use thought-leading content to establish a strong presence as a digital leader among the Fintech community. Contentive designed a campaign including a video interview series, a bespoke film studio for the Money 2020 event in Las Vegas, sponsored headline content pieces, display advertising and email marketing. This relationship is ongoing and continues to drive brand authority and generate business leads for Bancorp.

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