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CEO Justin Basini introduces you to ClearScore

ClearScore was born of a frustration that something as important as our credit report and scores were inaccessible and difficult to understand, with people often being charged to see their own credit file.

Credit reports are like a person’s ‘financial CV’ and impact all our lives. They help determine which financial products someone is eligible for, whether they can buy or rent a property, get a mobile phone contract or even a job. However, before ClearScore launched almost 15 million UK adults had never checked their credit score.

ClearScore’s vision is to help everyone, no matter their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing. We started this journey in 2015 by being the first company in the UK to offer a truly free credit report and score. We have since brought our proposition to 14 million users in the UK and a further 6 million in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as evolving the product to give people new and innovative ways to manage their money and get on in life. This includes the use of Open Banking to enable consumers to get a fuller picture of their finances and providing free dark web monitoring with ClearScore Protect.

By combining a brand which people trust, a product which is beautiful to use, amazing technology and deep analytics, we deliver a unique experience that helps people take control of their financial future.

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Business Stats

  • 4.4 on TrustPilot

  • 4.8 App Store rating and 4.6 Google Play rating

  • 20 million users worldwide

  • 14 million UK users

Impact Stories

  • James

    “Just signed up to ClearScore. Very useful service that’s allowed me to get my credit score for free!”

  • Mohsen

    “I always thought I should be able to access my credit score freely if the finance companies can do it. But I don’t know why it always was a paid service to check your credit score. Now thanks to ClearScore I can have a report of my credit history every month and this makes me feel I am in control.”

  • Sy

    “Yay! My credit score has gone up 16 points above the ‘average in my area.’ Thank you, ClearScore.”

  • Kim

    “So pleased to have registered with ClearScore, sorting out my finances for the future.”

  • Barry

    “I’ve been using ClearScore for a while now. I’ve just saved a fortune on transferring a credit card balance… nice work!”

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