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CEO Sam Sawyer introduces you to Accelerate People

Accelerate People are a leading, Ofqual-accredited End-point assessment organisation. We leverage our team's deep industry expertise to craft assessments that accurately reflect the skills employers seek. We put the apprentice at the heart of everything we do, and in collaboration with training providers, employers, and apprentices, we ensure apprentices are prepared for real-world success. Our commitment to utilising technology fosters a seamless and accessible assessment experience, ultimately benefiting both apprentices and businesses.

Prioritising the learner and offering accessible assessment opportunities has never been more important at a time when technology is playing a key role in every job. We pride ourselves on our integrity and using an innovative approach to embed up to date technologies to support the learners and give them the best experience possible to facilitate the completion of their assessments and apprenticeship.

The range of IT and Digital Standards we offer have been developed based on the collaborative work we have done with Employers and Training Providers, ensuring we have a wide coverage across sectors and industries offering Digital Skills that maximise the use of remote platforms to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of delivery.

Utilising our partner network and working with Microsoft, CISCO, AWS, CompTIA we are able to support our network with up to date tailored solutions and assessment.

We recognise the employer’s urgency and market demand to offer any new and revised Digital Standards and therefore, have a dedicated product development team working to release the Standards as they are approved, ensuring we are able to fully support the Employer, Apprentice and Training Provider from the outset of the Apprenticeship journey.

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Some Business Stats

  • We currently offer 13 Digital Standards

  • 9/10 customer satisfaction rate

  • 97% pass rates

  • Working with both SME’s and large levy paying employers

Impact Stories

  • Intequal & Accelerate People are  working with businesses to make a positive impact on the Apprentice Experience (AX).


    More on this story can be found here.

  • Small Employer comment

    “My apprentice changed to Accelerate People as an EPA provider very late in their process but after the Training company showed me the Accelerate People EPA information I decided it was a much better way forward. So understandably I didn’t have much support information to go on but I’m glad I used this provider as the assessment grade my apprentice received was a much fairer reflection on their ability.”

  • Large Employer comment

    “A breath of fresh air in apprentice EPA. Strong quality, employer engagement and most importantly putting the apprentice at the heart of everything. This is how I have envisaged EPA to always be and it’s great to finally have another EPAO for employers to use.”

  • Apprentice comment

    “Accelerate People were fantastic in organising my synoptic project and interview. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly with plenty of opportunity for me to add my feedback and views. From the support and guidance I received from Accelerate People I felt more confident to complete the project.”

  • Training Provider comment

    “The experience we have had has been great. We have had clear communication all the way through and it has been above and beyond in regards to changes due to COVID, where our learners are at in their journey and a clear process when it comes to EPA all the way through. I can’t stress enough at how this process has really put our learners at ease and they have been leaving their interviews with their heads held high and full of confidence. The holistic approach to EPA has been clear and this really puts the focus on the learner which is what it should be about in the first place. This has been a fantastic experience so far and I am looking forward to putting more learners through with Accelerate People.”

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