Talent strategies for the digital age: Humility, agility, velocity, failure

Jul 2016

Do your digital talent strategies translate into tangible, beneficial change for your organisation?

Earlier this month, AVADO hosted an exclusive breakfast training event for learning and development (L&D) leaders hosted by one of AVADO’s award-winning digital business experts, Neil Perkin.

The morning’s jam-packed agenda facilitated the overriding goal perfectly: to collaborate on potential digital talent strategies for L&D to spur the organisational capacity and culture for change within their organisations.

Read-on below for our five key takeaways for L&D:

Just start

The consensus was that the traditional approach of long strategy/planning cycles can stifle creativity and enable competition to gain an advantage.

Don’t take on too much

Whilst it is important to ‘just start’ – clearly define your direction, and then set a goal and activity for the next four- to six-weeks so that you have one.

Psychological safety

As you talk with other decision makers in your organisation, consider sharing that one of the key factors in team effectiveness is psychological safety, including how easy you make it for people to admit mistakes. Ask ‘dumb’ questions, and challenge assumptions.

Autonomy, mastery and purpose

Not all talent is motivated by monetary awards – it is about creating a culture of autonomy, mastery and purpose. Has your organisation clearly defined its purpose, and if you asked a random sample of people, would they say the same thing? (We recommend trying this).


We all have younger employees who may feel that the organisation is too slow or senior management is not as digitally savvy. The best thing is to be open and honest about where the organisation is and allow the younger generation to play a role in upskilling. Millennials care more about honesty and transparency than perfection.

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