Instrumental announces UK partnership with Coda Agency to drive live opportunities for high performing emerging and independent artists

Apr 2019

Data science driven talent discovery business Instrumental today announced an exclusive UK partnership with Coda Agency. The deal will see Instrumental support Coda’s team of agents with data and insights into the fastest growing artists from across the self-releasing sector as well as tracking talent signed to majors and indie labels.

The deal follows nearly two years of ongoing work between Instrumental and Live Nation in the UK that has helped evolve the platform into a valuable tool for the live sector.

As part of the deal Instrumental’s data science team will build bespoke tools and tracking capabilities across Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and the UK Charts to help the Coda team to identify new prospects and analyse the evolving live potential of artists and bands on their roster.

Conrad Withey, CEO of Instrumental said, “The live sector is incredibly important to us and of course to the community of independent artists we are discovering through our platform. By working closely with the amazing team at Coda we hope to keep developing data driven solutions that can help match the best new talent out there to one of the finest live agencies in the world.”

Nick Matthews, Senior Agent at Coda

Nick Matthews, Senior Agent at Coda, added, “CODA has always prided itself on being aware of the next generation of superstar talent from the start. Being able to identify the best talent first is always what we will be about and the technology and alliance with Instrumental helps use data to make great decisions, as well as find amazing acts on a global level that we didn’t know about. It’s something that we want to become a daily part of A&R process.”

Withey continued: “Instrumental’s tie up with Coda forms part of our broader objective for 2019 of using our discovery capabilities to facilitate new opportunities for artists. This is the start of our mission to build a 360 partnerships platform for the fast-growing DIY artist sector.”

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