Hive Learning and Place2Be win a Gold Award at the 2022 Learning Technologies Awards

Nov 2022

Place2Be — a children’s mental health charity with over 25 years’ experience working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools — and Hive Learning — the peer learning platform who use network science and nudge theory to help learners embed critical skills — were awarded the gold award for ‘Best learning technologies project – public & non-profit sector’ at the 2022 Learning Technologies Awards.

The award was given as a result of the impact that the two teams were able to deliver for their first online learning programme ‘Mental Health – Foundations’ for teachers, reaching 48.9% of schools across the UK and over 64,000 teachers – 100x the reach they’d ever reached before using face to face delivery.

Using Hive Learning’s group-based and nudge-driven peer learning platform, Place2Be were able to support teachers to better foster a positive approach to mental health. Resulting in over 90% of participants feeling their capacity to lead a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing in schools had increased, and 73% learnt something that changed their actions, behaviour, or attitude.

The approach has since been used for more programmes reaching new audiences across the UK, such as trainee teachers, youth workers, parents and carers. As well as influencing the wider industry, research partners and youth organisations such as Save The Children and Youth Scotland to also adopt the approach.

The Learning Technology Awards said of the award for ‘Best learning technologies project – public & non-profit sector’:

“This year’s winner showed how the right application of the right technology to the right problem could influence the lives of young people, the confidence and capability of those around them AND government decisions that impact them.

Tackling the growing UK mental health crisis in the UK, this programme was introduced in 2020 to enable teachers to foster a more positive approach to mental health in schools. It recognised the social support teachers needed in a post-pandemic world and its scalable pathways, communities and investment in great facilitation paved the way to success.

Realtime use of data and awareness of the insight created through the social communities within the programme meant that it was able to adapt, learn and rapidly respond to changing circumstances that impact our young people daily.”

Simon Yates, Director of Operations at Place2Be said, “The Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme has enabled us to markedly increase our reach into schools and give thousands of teachers the opportunity to learn about mental health issues in the classroom and give much more support to the children they care for.

Due to the pandemic the use of an accessible digital platform has been invaluable and without it our ability to reach as many teachers would have been significantly constrained.”

Hive Learning, CEO, Julia Tierney commented on the partnership, “We absolutely love working with the innovative team at Place2Be – they have been able to pioneer a new approach that has equipped teachers across so many schools in the UK with skills to help children better manage and understand mental health.

We are proud to have supported them on this journey and hope to see Mental Health – foundations continue to play a role in schools positively impacting future generations.  I am super excited for what the future of our partnership will bring.”

About Hive Learning

Hive Learning is the world’s #1 peer learning platform. Their award-winning approach uses nudge theory and network science to help enterprise companies create and sustain culture change at scale by changing one behavior at a time.

Hive Learning combines a consumer grade platform with peer learning programs that accelerate skill adoption specializing in areas like inclusion, mental health, and leadership; expert services offer customers deep insights into their culture and deliver an engagement playbook designed over 20,000 deployments.

In the past three years, Hive Learning has generated over 22 million peer learning interactions in 196 countries and helped +80% of learners take action on what they learnt. Visit to learn more.

About Place2Be

Place2Be — a children’s mental health charity with over 25 years’ experience working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools. For over 25 years, Place2Be has been providing in-school emotional support to children and young people. Founded in 1994, they’ve grown from supporting a handful of inner London schools, to working with over 700 schools nationwide.

Read more about their story here.

About the Learning Technologies Awards

The Learning Technologies Awards are the most independent and sought-after awards in the industry. They recognize the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technologies across the world. Finalists are selected by our independent judging panel of experts organized by the eLearning Network.