Fospha Marketing releases tool for D2C brands to benchmark media mix and counter facebook measurement shocks

Oct 2021

The solution allows D2C brands to easily spot channel disparities and reallocate marketing budget to maximise ROI.

Fospha Marketing, the marketing measurement platform for D2C growth, today announced a benchmarking tool enabling D2C brands to quickly compare their media performance against benchmarks from other brands in their industry. The report is designed to shine a light on the increasingly murky world of digital performance, and reassurance brands that their spend is still performing – or a timely alert if they need to optimize their marketing mix.

Fospha’s growth platform is widely used by fast-growing Direct to Consumer brands including CUUP, Octopus Energy, & Living Proof. The platform enables Fospha’s clients to build a first-party data strategy and insulate themselves from shocks like the one that iOS14 has recently caused for Facebook marketers. This has led to an average revenue growth rate of 84% year over year across their client base.

“There’s been lots of discussion in the last couple of months about the damage the changes in Facebook reporting has caused for eCommerce marketers,” explains Fospha’s head of growth Jamie Bolton, “We wanted to shed some light to help marketers get a consistent view of how things are going, and improve their strategic & tactical marketing decisions”

Lauren Abraham of D2C brand CUUP said “Fospha is an integral part of our marketing stack. The ability to properly measure our Paid Social channels has been instrumental for CUUP for the last 9 months.”

The benchmarking tool can be accessed here and provides a free report with market insights.


About Fospha

Fospha is the leading marketing measurement platform for high-growth D2C brands. Fospha’s platform provides detailed, accurate and trustable metrics on cross-channel marketing performance, helping marketers build an independent view of how they are performing and where their biggest opportunities lie.

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