Fospha Marketing releases Attribution 3.0

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Dec 2021

Fospha Marketing have announced the release of their latest product update.

Fospha, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) growth platform, is a marketing measurement tool for D2C brands. Its product gives marketers a comprehensive view of marketing performance across all their ad platforms, focusing on showcasing the relative effectiveness of all channels, campaigns and ads. Crucially, its product offers an independent view of performance, with no bias towards any one provider.

This latest update landed in November as clients planned for the Black Friday weekend and is designed to be of particular assistance to marketers struggling with the impact of iOS14.5 on their digital advertising. The Apple update has had marketers reeling since the summer, as Facebook was forced into reducing its reporting window in a move that has left many advertisers without visibility of their performance going into a key period. The impact has been felt by other digital ad platforms too: Snap Inc.’s valuation has still not recovered after it fell 25% in a single day when the company missed its Q3 revenue projections, with CEO Evan Spiegel citing attribution headwinds around iOS14 as the major factor.

Fospha Attribution 3.0 features the following major upgrades:

  • Enhanced campaign grouping, which segments campaigns by the stage of the funnel they target and then suggests insights and actions specific to each stage. This gives marketers additional ability to optimize, particularly at the top of the funnel.
  • Multi-market attribution, which breaks down ad attribution by market. This gives crucial insight into performance in different territories, something lost by many as part of Facebook’s response to iOS14.
  • Model improvements to reduce the time required to get actionable data when running new channel tests. This significantly reduces the cost of testing new channels.

“We have been driving good results from paid social over the last 24 months; however, as our investment increased, we wanted a reliable view on performance, particularly for our top-of-funnel activity. I became concerned about where we were going to find the audiences we needed to hit our ambitious growth targets,” said Adrian Flowers, eCommerce Director of British D2C brand Nkuku.

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