Empowering Economic Growth: Rachel Reeves in Conversation with British Asian Trust

Apr 2024

Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, joined the British Asian Trust for BAT Insights, a platform started by the British Asian Trust in 2020 for thought leadership in business, technology, and policy.

The fireside chat showcased a thought-provoking dialogue between Rachel Reeves and Manoj Badale, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and Founding Chairman of the British Asian Trust.

Reeves emphasised the significant contributions made by British Asians to the UK economy, highlighting the pivotal role that businesses and entrepreneurs from the British Asian community will play in advancing Labour’s objectives for economic growth.

The comprehensive discussion encompassed topics ranging from Reeves’ upbringing and philanthropic endeavours to strategies for enhancing collaboration between the private and public sectors. Additionally, insights were shared on what the diaspora and wider public can anticipate should Reeves assume the role of Chancellor.

Former Chair of the British Asian Trust and Blenheim Chalcot Co-Founder, Manoj Badale, commented, “The British Asian Trust brings together influential British Asian business leaders to address community-centric issues. BAT Insights fosters an environment for meaningful dialogue and addresses pertinent questions. It was enriching to explore with Rachel the indispensable role of British Asians in shaping our economic landscape, gaining insight into her motivations, and understanding her vision for economic progress.”

The event, held at Carlton House Terrace, London, attracted prominent members of the British Asian diaspora.

Manoj Badale networking with audience members


Audience members from the event