BC India Vaccination Drive in Mumbai vaccinates 260 people

Jun 2021

260 people were vaccinated in the BC India Vaccination Drive in partnership with Nanavati Hospital.

Read the full account of the day from the BC India team:

“With the country suffering from a renewed attack of the Covid-19 virus early on this year, we were all waiting with bated breath for the vaccines to be available for all age groups. And although that particular wish was answered by our government early on in the month of May, what we were fully prepared for was the next few months of malaise as the healthcare sector and the government grappled to secure enough vaccine doses for everyone.

However, not even a month had passed since the announcement of country-wide vaccine availability, that BC India declared a vaccination drive in the office premises for all its employees. The next few weeks went by in a blur, with the HR working double-time ensuring all employees received every information necessary. We were reminded, time and again, that the company wouldn’t just ensure vaccination for us (its employees) but also for our families, whether situated in Mumbai or not. We were assured of the vaccine that we would be receiving, the hospital that would be administering it, and the time and slot availability for all employees. The HR also provided us with a meticulously planned out and detailed blueprint of the office floor, highlighting the areas and rooms where the entire pre-vaccination, vaccination and post-vaccination observation would be taking place.

On D-Day, we reached the office premises (after what seemed like millennia), expecting a safe and reliable vaccination. But what we saw blew us away.

Stepping out of the elevators, we were greeted with a fully staffed reception: guaranteeing visitors were sanitising themselves, checking their temperatures, logging their entries, receiving the health check-up forms, and moving on in the right direction for the following procedures. Once inside, people were situated at safe distances from each other, seniors were being assisted with the filling of the forms, and all in all, presented an efficient development of the procedure. One room was given to the doctors visiting from Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital, who were extremely courteous and helpful with explaining the effects of the vaccines, the precautions to be taken and the possible side effects. As soon as we were done with the doctors’ consultation, we were led to a different station where our form details and identification codes were taken down, following which we stepped inside a clean room to finally get vaccinated.

Despite our wild apprehensions, the vaccination itself took close to ten seconds, and soon after we were led to the post-vaccination sitting area. Here too, people maintained safe social distancing from each other, families and friends took turns clicking selfies at the Selfie Area, declaring the administering of the coveted first dose of the Covid vaccine.

All throughout, our BC housekeeping staff distributed water bottles and packed snacks, ensuring everyone stayed sufficiently hydrated and full. Thirty minutes of post-vaccination observation later, we moved towards the exit, happy and sore in our arms, where a token of gift from the BC India family awaited each one of us in the shape of a coffee mug, complete with the BC logo on one side and ‘Together We Fight Coronavirus’ on the other.

As smooth and trouble-free as the entire procedure seemed, the whole planning took an immense number of people. To give an idea, here are a few statistics of the BC vaccination drive:

  • 11 BC employees volunteered throughout the drive, with
  • Additional help from 8 housekeeping staff and office boys.
  • 12 doctors and medical staff from Nanavati Hospital were present at the office premises.
  • The office provided 2 dedicated vaccination rooms, 2 pre-health check-up rooms, 2 observation rooms, and 2 pre- and post-waiting area.
  • 8 of our BC staff were involved in the core planning committee for the entire drive.

It is, therefore, of little surprise, that the Covid-19 vaccination drive went so very smoothly at BC India for 260 people!”


Congratulations to the BC India team for this brilliant initiative! 

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