AVADO helps businesses get critical digital skills with market-leading digital learning

Jun 2016

Technology and education entrepreneurs come together to teach big businesses how to be like fast-moving digital disruptors.

London, UK – 2 June 2016 – AVADO, a global powerhouse in digital transformation and leadership training, launches today, bringing together its learning platforms and international partnerships. Already, the new player can demonstrate completion rates of over 80 per cent, which is unheard of in the online learning space.

Businesses are being disrupted – one by one – by a fast-evolving digital market. Of senior leaders responding to a recent AVADO survey, 84 per cent said they were expected to play a role in the digital skills transformation but only 20 per cent knew how to get started. AVADO has developed digital learning programmes that deliver industry-leading results.

One such programme achieves an 81 per cent completion rate and 95 per cent of graduates feel more confident discussing digital strategy.

Shuvo Saha, Director, Google Digital Academy, which has an international partnership with AVADO, says: “We’ve been talking about digital disruption for years, but few have defined the ingredients for learning which truly help companies to transform. We gave AVADO the challenge to re-imagine our Squared programme in marketing and digital leadership, and create an online version of a face-to-face experience. The learning methodology for Squared Online is simply outstanding. It has allowed thousands of people to follow the course while keeping it immersive, experiential, social and practical. This really transforms behaviours.”

AVADO has established itself as a major player in the digital learning space, having delivered training programmes to over 200,000 individuals and 2,000 businesses globally, including the likes of CNN, FT, Saatchi & Saatchi and Marks and Spencer. Enterprise customers tap into AVADO’s global network of subject matter experts and their pre-built stack of courses, content and learning platforms. This allows them to make a rapid start with digital skills transformation, first pin-pointing the most valuable interventions, then assembling tailored programmes from the pre-built content and components.

Phil Hullah, Co-founder and CEO of AVADO says: “We have always been passionate about learning that works, and our firm belief is that technology in the right hands can yield great results. You can reach thousands at a time, you can bring peers and experts together, and you can measure and improve everything. What has been surprising though, is the demand from businesses who want to get to grips with the digital world. They say they want to learn about digital disruption from people like us, and they want their staff to learn with peers in our disruptive virtual campuses.”

Phil is at pains to emphasise that AVADO doesn’t do what is traditionally considered to be eLearning. The learners enjoy intensive and varied live interactions, all in the company of many other peers, and all orchestrated remotely by experienced tutors and a community support team.

He points to this as the secret sauce behind the results: “The completion rates of our learning programmes exceed 80 per cent, which outstrip many face-to-face programmes. This level of results makes it easy for HR Directors and learning and development professionals to make the case for investment in online learning, especially against the backdrop of negative publicity that has plagued the discussion about MOOCs.”

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