60% of Direct-to-Consumer Sales Misattributed by Leading Tech Platforms

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Mar 2022

Fospha, the leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) growth platform, has more than doubled its customer base since Apple implemented iOS 14.5 in April 2021.

Fospha has also seen a 250% growth in time spent in the platform as brands increasingly rely on Fospha to plan and measure their marketing spend. As discussed in a report released by Fospha, Apple’s iOS update sent marketers reeling as it significantly reduced visibility into social media advertising performance. Fospha data shows that, as a result, brands relying on leading ad-tech platforms for their measurement are now wrongly attributing 60% of their sales.

The report demonstrates that iOS 14.5 all but erased companies’ efforts to segment and target their customers accurately via paid social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Additionally, the changes forced one large social media platform into reducing the time window they use to measure an ad’s performance from 28 days down to just one day for ad impressions. This has a particular impact on marketers’ ability to see performance at the top of their marketing funnel, where people engaging with ads may take days or weeks to eventually convert.

By contrast, Fospha’s solution is built from a foundation of privacy-safe measurement, using machine learning to analyze aggregate data in the style of a Marketing Mix Model. That means it was unaffected by the Apple update, and brands using Fospha as their primary measurement tool suffered no negative effects to their marketing measurement.

As marketing teams around the globe think about their customer acquisition strategies, Fospha is well-positioned to offer a robust picture of digital performance; after all, most growing consumer brands can’t afford not to advertise within Meta as there isn’t yet a truly viable alternative for the audience scale the platform can drive – but accurate measurement, particularly of top of funnel media, is critical to the success of DTC brands looking to grow and reach new audiences.


About Fospha

Fospha is an innovative marketing measurement platform for DTC brands. Its product gives marketers accurate, actionable marketing measurement across all their ad channels, including demonstrating the impact of clicks, impressions and offline media. On average, Fospha brands deliver 33% improvements in ROAS every year while growing spend by 75%. Spanning 4 continents and backed by Blenheim Chalcot, Fospha is rethinking the way digital marketers efficiently grow their brands at scale.

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