CEO & Co-founder Stuart Bungay introduces you to Tully

Hello, we’re Tully.

Did you know that half of us in the UK are stressed about debts? And with the increasing cost of living as well as flexible working, debts – and the stress they cause – are affecting more and more of us. The Money Advice Service estimates that 8m people need debt advice each year, but currently, only around 1m people receive any. That has to change.

We offer people a new, digital way to control their debts and get the advice they need. Powered by Open Banking we create an accurate, detailed and realistic budget, then put together a flexible repayment plan that is not only affordable but also flexes with the ups and downs of real life. So when the car breaks down or the boiler packs up, no worries.

With a flexible plan in place, we provide personalised tools and support so every Tully plan is as relevant tomorrow as it is today.

Jobs at Tully