HCR Debt Services

HCR Debt Services

CEO Charlotte Argyle introduces you to HCR Debt Services

HCR Services is the leading revenue cycle management agent to the NHS. We improve the NHS’s financial management.

HCR’s industry-leading legislative expertise combined with its systems and services ensure all revenues due to the NHS are recovered, and that on-going healthcare provision is enhanced by fresh revenue generation.

HCR provides:

  • Identification utilities to meet requirements for identification of liable paying individuals or corporate entities across ‘Visitor and Migrant’ and ‘Injury Cost Recovery’
  • Booking, billing and invoicing systems and services to establish best practice protocol for revenue cycle and debt management
  • Reconciliation and Collections systems and services to recover all monies due
  • Deep-dive Debt Diagnostics and collections to understand inefficiencies and propensity for payment within current, aged and written off debt ledgers
  • Inter-Trust Block-Chain Clearing House

With a core focus on closing the financial gap and deficit reduction, HCR’s complimentary blend of products work seamlessly together or as stand alone initiatives to deliver Cost Improvement Plans and create on-going value to in-year revenue management and historic revenue realisation.

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    Some business stats

    • The UK’s only provider of ‘Injury Cost Recovery’ and Visitor & Migrants recovery
    • The only official corporate partner to ‘NHS Providers’ - the leading C-Suite NHS membership community
    • Upload of £162m of debt for diagnostics within an 8 week period

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