CEO Sam Carter introduces you to Fospha

To optimise the cost of scalable customer acquisition and lifetime value, marketing effectiveness can no longer be measured by touchpoints alone… it requires an understanding of the customer journey.

Leveraging over 18 years of experience in cross-channel customer data engineering, Fospha helps marketers understand where to spend the next pound of their budget.

Our multi-touch attribution solution measures the precise contribution of every marketing effort at each step of every customer journey, powering marketing performance optimisation at scale.

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    Impact Stories

    • Optimising paid search

      The application of our multi-touch attribution solution provides our clients with the ability to capture each customer journey, in granular detail and to attribute accurate value to each touch point of this journey.

      Through this, we’re able to identify huge opportunities for optimisation in Paid Search for clients, starting with shining a light on keywords that are playing no role anywhere in converting a customer… and identifying up to 50% cost saving with no impact on revenue.

    • US media company

      ‘At present, Fospha is our primary data environment for reporting and operational analytics for both our customer data as well as our clickstream digital analytics…One of the chief benefits of our partnership has been the way Fospha enables our analysts to do what they do best – analytics – while they handle the tough work of building and maintaining a high-performance environment’

    • Online learning company

      ‘With most of our marketing spend online, our conversions offline and not much clarity between the two, we were spending millions on digital marketing without seeing the full picture. With Fospha, we now attribute at least 80% of revenue across multiple touchpoints and most importantly, use the insights to drive growth and significant ROI improvements.’

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