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CEO Nick Gregg introduces you to EditorEye

EditorEye launched as an enterprise intelligence platform in 2014.

Our core product, EditorEye Catalyst, is the leading executive intelligence platform delivering insights to senior executives from across premium, global and internal sources, so they can drive new business leads, track innovation and become more effective in their roles.

Large firms have access to many internal and external intelligence sources spread across the organization, typically across many different interfaces. The problem is trying to bring these together into one unified intelligence hub.

Catalyst is designed to solve this problem.

With Catalyst, senior executives can track disruptive technologies, innovation and breaking news across all their preferred content sources (from the FT to Factiva, plus global news and internal documents). So they can identify new business opportunities, serve current clients effectively and share best insights with their clients, partners and internal stakeholders.

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    Impact Stories

    • Accounting Client (Finance)

      • 100,000+ professionals across 100 offices and 300+ knowledge managers
      • 5 premium sources (200k+ articles daily) integrated into EditorEye Catalyst allowing each user to create topics and find best insights across any source
      • Personal alerts, newsletters and integration into CRM drives huge productivity gains and faster client engagement
    • Norton (Technology)

      • Monitoring for breaking security, hacking and other online threats across 30,000 global sources
      • Curation of top 10 priority stories each week into newsletter sent to 7,000 Symantec sales partners globally
      • Integration of live feeds into NortonPlus global portal to deliver real-time dashboard for partners
    • Centrica Connect Home

      • Driving Centrica innovation and investment strategy for home automation sector
      • Tracking premium (eg FT) and global sources for competitor intelligence, new products and potential acquisitions
      • Live alerts plus curated weekly briefing sent to 300 people across Centrica plus their app developer and advertising partners

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