CEO Olly introduces you to Bizfitech

At Bizfitech we’re creating technology platforms that fuel the growth of UK SMEs.

Our primary objective is to help SMEs get better access to the products (finance, utilities, telecoms) and services (marketing, social media) they need to grow by giving them greater control over their data.

We achieve this objective through two direct to SME platforms:

  • Business Finance Compared (“BFC”) – an online marketplace connecting small businesses with the finance they need to grow (“the Moneysupermarket for small business”)

  • Handle – a mobile first digital dashboard helping small businesses understand how the world sees their business and empowering them to optimise their digital footprint to increase sales, save money and get better payment terms

Bizfitech was founded in 2015 by the BC partners and CEO Olly Betts

We are a fast growing Fintech company with a team of software engineers, designers, data scientists and marketers based in Nottingham who are all passionate about helping small businesses realise their potential.

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Business Stats

  • has supported over 50,000 SMEs in their search for finance

  • Integrated with 40 leading SME finance providers

  • Bizfitech platforms process over a million rows of data a week in the aggregation of SME profiles from credit, financial, social media, website, review and feedback data feeds

Impact Stories

  • Warmthru

    Warmthru had a unique product in their heated motorcycle gloves but were struggling to scale without capital to buy stock. They used to find funding they needed and now they are flying.

  • An Entrepreneur

    An entrepreneur in Birmingham had developed a unique new tool that should be in every builder’s toolbox and needed capital to build a prototype. Despite being a customer of his bank for 25 years they were unable to help. Using he secured the finance he needed and now has agreements with major trade distributors.

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