BCI Finance

BCI Finance

CEO Sam Kemp introduces you to BCI Finance

We are a multi-asset investment management firm that advises, sources and provides capital to the Blenheim Chalcot group and other independent businesses.

We operate in two core markets of alternative finance and technology. BCI was founded in 2013 and has underwritten or originated £230m of capital to Blenheim Chalcot businesses since its inception.

BCI invests in companies that are looking to disrupt their industry. We are part of the Blenheim Chalcot group which was founded by Manoj Badale and Charles Mindenhall and has successfully built over 40 businesses in the past 17 years. Blenheim Chalcot’s exited companies have delivered up to a 10x money multiple and have all successfully used technology to gain a competitive advantage over the industry. At BCI we work alongside Blenheim Chalcot helping the group continue its exceptional record.

Impact Stories

  • Liberis £20m Senior debt facility

    BCI led a fundraising process on behalf of Liberis, resulting in two funding partners (Shawbrook Bank and British Business Bank). These partners will enable Liberis to significantly grow its business.

  • Launch of the Venture Builders Club

    BCI structured and launched an investment club to provide vital seed capital to new ventures at Blenheim Chalcot and enable these businesses to execute on their strategies without worrying about cash flow.

  • Oakbrook Finance £30m Senior debt facility

    BCI arranged a £30m debt facility for Oakbrook finance from Ares Management, a multi-billion dollar debt fund. This transaction enabled the business to significantly scale their lending product.

  • Agilisys £65m Employee Ownership Trust transaction

    BCI took a leading role in the sale of majority of the Agilisys business to its employees. Agilisys is now in a unique position where its employees have a direct say over the direction that the business takes.

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