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BCI Finance

Managing Director Sam Kemp introduces you to BCI Finance

BCI manages our Fintech credit strategies.

Since our launch in 2011, we have consistently delivered an attractive risk adjusted yield for our private investor base, which is made up of High Net Worth’s and Family Offices. The funds under management have been built up almost exclusively through referrals and we take on new capital as required, subject to having suitably attractive lending opportunities to execute on.

Fintech is a central theme to our investment focus and more specifically the concept of Embedded Finance, which is defined as the merging of a non-financial service provider with a financial service. It is made up of dynamic firms seeking to provide solutions to consumers and small businesses who are seeking better access to financial products, often as an alternative to traditional providers, such as banks. This is a highly fragmented, fast-moving and capital intensive part of the market where businesses need tailor-made and flexible funding solutions in order to scale.

These innovators tend to struggle to access mainstream funding until they have achieved a certain scale and/or relative commoditisation of their product. Our approach focuses on solving these capital challenges faced by these innovators, as they scale, with the aim of building long term lending relationships. Combining our structured lending approach with a genuine open-mindedness, enables us to be the flexible funding partner of choice for these businesses.

Sitting within the Blenheim Chalcot ecosystem provides BCI with access to seasoned entrepreneurs and senior advisors. It also provides a unique source of deal origination, a better understanding of parts of the market that are working (and not working), and a genuine empathy associated with the challenges of building a successful Fintech business.

BCI Credit Opportunities Fund

Open ended fund with the ability to take on incremental capital, as required, subject to having attractive origination opportunities. Specialising in lending to Fintech businesses who often have difficulty accessing more traditional capital, as they scale.

  • £150m target AUM
  • Investor base of 50+ HNW & Family Offices
  • Target return of 12%+ net per annum (15% gross)
  • 12 borrower clients and 22 facilities

BCI Direct Lending Fund

Close ended fund seeking to provide investors with direct access to loans to deliver an attractive risk adjusted return.

  • £50m target AUM
  • Target return 6-9% (linked to underlying loan product)

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