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Accelerate Places

CEO Mark Sanders introduces you to Accelerate Places

At Accelerate Places we are on a mission to create the best places for start-up businesses to focus and grow. We create inspiring work spaces tailored for ambitious, technology enabled, disruptive businesses.

We carefully select our locations within rising tech hubs across cities in the UK. Our spaces are not just about desks – they are places where you can meet informally and enjoy great coffee, great food and great internet. We provide a sense of community, and an environment where people can come together and maximise the synergy from being in the same place. We believe our “growth hubs” bring together the people, services and opportunities that make the biggest difference.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer. You don’t have to pay for the fit-out, the desk, the internet, the cleaner or anything like that. This is a new way of thinking about the working environment where you, as the owner or entrepreneur, can focus on running the business.

Today we operate in London, Nottingham and Manchester, but we’re ambitious for growth and are actively looking for more locations.

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Impact Stories

  • LendingWell

    “The biggest benefit of working at Accelerate West is the energy being around others, and the shared facilities. The coffee is great too”

    Tim Slesinger, CEO LendingWell

  • Allied Crowds

    “Accelerate Places is fantastic for me because it offers a collaborative space to work in. It’s really cool to be part of this”

    Lars Krojer, Founder, Allied Crowds

  • Hive

    “Not worrying about standard office management and maintenance issues allows us to focus completely on growing our business”

    Angus McCarey, CEO, Hive

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