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Tech Trust

CEO Jonathan Chevallier introduces you to Tech Trust

Tech Trust - a good friend in a digital world.

Our charity’s mission is to help other UK charities to use new digital tech effectively to achieve even more – for less money.

Since 2001, we’ve connected thousands of nonprofits to millions of pounds worth of donated software from companies like Microsoft, Google, Symantec and Adobe.

We’ve also supported thousands more charities with support and information on how to use tech most effectively to support their missions.

We can help your charity, social enterprise or non-profit access the donated software, email marketing and other digital services that are right for you, giving you the support you need to fulfil your potential.

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Some Charity Stats

  • Saved the charity sector more than £230 million on software procurement

  • Supported more than 36,000 charities across the UK

  • Has more than 30,000 subscribers to Charity Digital News

  • Sends over 5 million emails each year on behalf of charity clients

Impact Stories

  • Facial Palsy UK

    Facial Palsy UK is a small charity supporting people affected by facial paralysis and their close friends and family. They needed a platform to sell items to raise funds to support their work, but didn’t have the budget. Thankfully, we were able to connect them to a Shopify donation, which has saved them money and helped them raise more.

  • Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society

    The Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society promotes the study of family history across three counties in Southwest Scotland. They’re run exclusively by volunteers and due to the nature of modern research, much of their work is computer-based. When their systems became outdated, they couldn’t afford to upgrade through commercial routes, but were able to completely upgrade their systems through tt-exchange donations.


    The Hull and East Riding branch of the RSPCA is affiliated to the national society, but is an autonomous charity, and is responsible for its own management and fundraising. They were using Windows XP after it ceased to be supported and couldn’t fundraise for office equipment, but were able to completely overhaul their internal IT systems thanks to donations arranged through the tt-exchange programme.

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