What is a venture builder?

The founding team of a startup, with the ambition to disrupt an industry, has three main things to worry about - raising money, looking after admin and building the product. Working with a venture builder means the first two are largely taken care of, leaving the team to focus on rapidly building a valuable product and taking it to market.

A science to building businesses
A venture builder brings together its resources, infrastructure, network and experience to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from conception to scale, maturity and exit. This shared ecosystem works to improve speed and likelihood of success. It differs from the classical venture capital model, where investors simply distribute capital among ideas and teams, hoping one in five or ten might make it big. Venture builders bring a lot more than just capital.

Hands-on support and services
It’s a hands-on model where experienced entrepreneurs work side by side with the company’s founders, and all businesses have access to a central pool of shared services, such as physical facilities, legal advice, finance expertise, talent acquisition and online marketing (all provided by the BC Accelerate team at Blenheim Chalcot).

Commercial model for sustained growth, not quick wins
In exchange for all this support, entrepreneurs are expected to give up a higher share of their company earlier in the process. At Blenheim Chalcot we typically expect to take the majority stake of any company we build. This model has allowed us to stay nimble and create more valuable businesses that solve real customer needs, offering a higher probability of success for all involved.

Introducing BC Accelerate

BC Accelerate is the Blenheim Chalcot venture building service. Made up of a diverse team of experts, it’s been designed to give our ventures an unfair competitive advantage by helping them through the logistical hurdles of launching, scaling and becoming exit-ready.

BC Accelerate covers all business functions: tax advisory, legal, talent, human resources, finance & accounting, sales support, marketing, IT, learning & development, and business networking. The team works alongside the ventures at every step, helping them grow. This deep and committed relationship is unique to Blenheim Chalcot.

With BC Accelerate’s support, CEOs and founding teams can focus their time, energy and cash on their most important priority: building innovative businesses, at rapid pace, that will transform industries.

Venture building insights

Our people have been involved in building businesses that transform industries over many years.

We asked some of them to give their insights into how they evaluate a pitch idea and create the right culture to develop a successful, sustainable business.

Team culture

Before your start

Validating your idea

Pitching your idea

Are you an entrepreneur

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and interested in pitching your idea to us, you can do so here.

We’ll expect you to understand and buy into how the venture building model works and how we operate at Blenheim Chalcot, and also be prepared for us to have majority stake of the company.

Once you’re ready, please fill in the questions and attach your business plan. We’ll do our best to review every idea and provide you with feedback, so long as it’s clear you have read and understood the criteria.

Submission Process

  1. Investigate BC & decide if it’s the right path for your venture
  2. Prepare business plan, and answer questionnaire about why BC is right for you
  3. We review your plan and move forward if we find it a good fit